Renewable Obligation Based energy economy (ROBe2)

The Company has made a strategic partnership with ROBe2.  The ROBe2 (pronounced ROB-ee) Protocol envisions a sustainable world powered by renewable energy, with an economy that is inclusive for all. Its mission is to create the global adoption of the ROBe2 Protocol, which creates an incentivized obligation to produce renewable energy with each transaction, is powered by a mining process that is carbon negative and is accessible to everyone.

The ROBe2 Protocol is the only decentralized digital currency that can only be mined via a patent pending, carbon negative “Proof of Renewable” mining protocol that requires the creation of renewable energy. While the target motivations center around the creation of the most advanced decentralized utility digital currency, the larger objectives are to stimulate a global movement against climate change and economic oppression that plague our world even in this modern day of science and technology.

The company was accepted into the Renewable Energy Alliance (the “REA”), and has since commenced a collaboration with the ROBe2 Protocol and IONiX Pro Battery Technologies Inc. (“IONiX Pro”). The collaboration is intended to develop an energy storage system (ESS) utilizing the Company’s patented battery management system (BMS) to create the world’s first device to operate the ROBe2 Protocol’s patent pending Proof of Renewable mining protocol (the “PoR Protocol”). The PoR Protocol has the ability to both verify energy’s renewable source and use a blockchain based cryptocurrency mining system that will mine the ROBe2 Protocol. This milestone for the ROBe2 Protocol and its PoR Protocol is particularly significant, as one of the common criticisms towards cryptocurrencies in general is the way in which they are mined.


1Linx has a proprietary blockchain authentication platform and provides services for application programming interface (API) in regards to operator look-up, customer look-up, IP information and customer friendly user experience.