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The fundamental shift in how power is used, stored and ultimately transacted will force a switch to more secure forms of digital currency. The very transactional nature of power will foster a need to acquire mobile based applications which would fit and function within our mandate and global needs for SmartGrid and MicroGrid adoption. Crypto Currency will form a large and functional niche in the trade and consumption of power globally.

Optimal CP

Optimal CP is focused on developing facilities in Canada’s energy hub of Alberta that will leverage direct access to clean, reliable, low-cost power generation facilities.  Using a unique operating approach, Optimal CP’s facilities will continue to support the peak needs of the Alberta grid, thus offering increased value to generators while providing some of the lowest-cost, cleanest and most reliable mining operations in world.

Optimal CP is in the process of establishing and commissioning its initial mining facility, which will utilize at least 3.5 MW of clean, cost-effective generation to ultimately power a minimum of 1,000 mining ASIC mining machines.

Using a phased approach to build out electrical and enclosure infrastructure to accommodate miners, Optimal CP is projecting to commission at least   500 kW per month of rack space, allowing the Company to achieve a total mining hashrate of approximately 100 petahash and with a projected mining capacity of more that 12 bitcoins per month in the first half of 2022