Smart Command

A Blockchain Power Management System and Application, Smart CommandTM (“Smart Command”). Smart Command is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology working in tandem with EV Battery Tech’s patented Battery Management System (BMS) to deliver a user-friendly computer and phone application, that delivers revolutionary monitoring, maintenance and machine learning features.

The Smart Command system and App is fully scalable and will be integrated into the entire IoniX Pro suite of Energy Storage System (ESS) products, allowing for complete power management and smart grid / micro grid communications. Smart Command is able to monitor charging sessions, track power purchases and can even sell power to the grid, all with its blockchain based platform

Providing users with command and control functionality over power functions, thereby enabling absolute controls in power usage, storage, sale and consumption. The system gives users flexibility in arbitrage power usage between “peak” and “off-peak” hours. EV Battery Tech intends to offer the Smart Command system and App on a licensed basis.

As energy flows in and out of the battery, the real-time monitoring function will feed data into its AI interface and, via machine learning, the ESS “learns” and adapts to the needs of the user, making it more efficient and effective with each day. The Smart Command system and App will bring flexibility and customer control to the tracking of energy movement for accurate and reliable measurement of energy costs both to and from all energy sources, whether the energy to the battery comes from renewable energy, an electric vehicle, the utility grid or any other source. Due to the nature of blockchain, the Smart Command will provide the highest level of accuracy and security encryption


A proprietary application which has a primary function enabling users to personalize their EV power requirements around surrounding EV Infrastructure. The App also enables them the ability to seamlessly pay for their charging needs via cryptocurrency. The application will be used to “round” out and enhance the Blockchain Power Management and Application, Smart Command.

The integration of the CryptoPlug features into Smart Command will optimize how and when customers source all their EV and ESS power requirements.  Whether the energy is derived directly from renewable energy or from the grid. The Company intends to continue to build the Smart Command application and provide it to the market free of charge, with a fee-based model on transactions, to generate revenue.

Monitoring and Maintaining the ESS Products

The ability to monitor and service batteries remotely through AI allows the company to differentiate itself, using this as a means to manage, and significantly extend the life of any battery system.  It is through this use of AI that the company has developed a “smart” BMS that learns and evolves with user behaviors resulting in a significant increase in power saving and efficiency. Its AI algorithms can specifically predict future failures and provide more stable operations and remote maintenance on ANY battery systems using our patented BMS system. It currently holds more than 70 national patents, with more patents pending, ranging from software, technology, invention, and utility authorization.

Our system allows real time monitoring with advanced review of individual cell degradation.

The system then applies AI to the data collected to improve BMS technology.

Real time Monitoring allows for:

• Less downtime
• More efficiency
• Instant notification of issues
• Remote repair of hardware and software
• Saves maintenance cost and human cost
• AI and building of even greater intelligence over time
• Longevity of usage of each battery

Buying and Selling EV Energy and paying via Crypto

Most consumers don’t realize that the fluctuations in the cost of power from the grid can be 10x higher during peak hours as compared to off peak hours. Australia as an example can expect a 5x difference from peak to off peak. As adoption of Electric vehicles becomes more prominent and “most” commuters arrive home at PEAK and plug in, it is becoming imperative for individual owners to embrace cost saving alternatives.

The application of an ESS solution combined with our patented BMS allows for absolute control of how and more importantly when you charge up your car!

All of this is enhanced and streamlined through our Power Management App with financial controls!